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Are Children Medicated for Convenience, or Necessity?

20 Dec 2014 | 161,673 Views

Sales of this drug to children have increased eight-fold since 1993, despite its side effects including heart attacks, seizures, and blurred vision. And yet, in one study fish oil was found to be more effective than two of the most popular brands.

Farm Antibiotics Spur Antibiotic-Resistant Disease in Humans

09 Dec 2014 | 29,507 Views

Experts have been warning about it, hospitals are struggling with it. Even the CDC director is urging this solution. Yet the FDA turns a cold shoulder. You now have a 50% likelihood of life-threatening microbes infecting you from this single source. How to protect yourself today...

Do You Have Trouble Swallowing Vitamins?

29 Nov 2014 | 48,296 Views

Nearly half of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills; these two techniques worked for up to 90 percent of those who tried them.

Bitter Pill: The Dangerous Side Effects of Fluoridated Antibiotics

01 Nov 2014 | 318,789 Views

This most commonly prescribed class of antibiotics are among the most dangerous drugs on the market, but you've probably never been warned. No other antibiotic carries as high a potential to cause serious, permanent injuries and even death, so now's the time to get informed.

American Meat Production Uses More Antibiotics Than Ever, Despite Growing Threat of Antibiotic-Resistant Disease in Consumers

29 Oct 2014 | 206,481 Views

This one organism alone kills more Americans each year than the combined total of HIV/AIDS, emphysema, Parkinson's disease, and homicide. So buy this from your grocery store at your own risk, and make sure you handle and cook it with care...

Common Medications and Multiple Drug Combinations Increasingly Linked to Fatal Car Crashes

22 Oct 2014 | 152,697 Views

Many people falsely believe they can safely get behind the wheel, partly because they haven't been warned. But the tragic truth is, if you're involved and you're not killed, you may be one of the 7,000 car crash victims that end up in the hospital every day.

Prescription Drugs Now Factor in Higher Percentage of Fatal Car Crashes Than Alcohol or Marijuana

16 Oct 2014 | 191,938 Views

They impair your motor skills, balance, coordination, spatial orientation, and reaction time, and they're involved in fatal car crashes at 3 times the rate of marijuana. Now more people than ever use them, blind to the extreme risk they create while driving.

White House Plan to Address Antibiotic Resistance Is Too Weak to Protect Human Health

08 Oct 2014 | 215,094 Views

Just one organism alone already kills more Americans each year than the combined total of emphysema, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's disease, and homicide. Yet the White House is dragging their feet on phasing it out. This is the best way to protect yourself.

Narcotic Overdose Deaths Quadrupled in the Last Decade

02 Oct 2014 | 64,232 Views

The fallout from excessive prescribing of powerful narcotics for pain and anxiety is here, as record numbers of people die from prescription drug overdoses every year.

Long-Term Use of Pills for Anxiety and Sleep Linked to Dementia

25 Sep 2014 | 96,759 Views

Nearly half of older adults are taking medications to relieve anxiety and sleep troubles... perhaps at the expense of their future cognitive function.


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