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Drugs for Physical and Emotional Pain Change Your Brain

28 Jan 2016 | 56,290 Views

MRI scans show that your brain changes in volume when you take certain pain-relieving drugs. The changes occur even with short-term use, and the consequences are still being unraveled.

Meds Killing Children - OTC Drug Kills, NAC Supplement Saves

27 Jan 2016 | 30,740 Views

Acetaminophen is a leading cause of accidental infant poisonings. If you have children and keep Tylenol in your home, make sure you also keep a bottle of NAC - Tylenol's antidote - handy as well.

Depressed About Antidepressants

31 Dec 2015 | 34,177 Views

Antidepressants have recently been linked to a range of serious side effects, including worsened mental health and risks to pregnant women. Know the very real risks, and questionable effectiveness, before treating depression with drugs.

How Federal Policies Have Spawned a Heroin Epidemic

31 Dec 2015 | 236,637 Views

It seems your doctors, even if they don't realize it, could be promoting the heroin epidemic. And the results are disastrous, with more than 46,000 dying from drug overdoses in 2013 alone. Please, if you're offered this, say no - and try these 19 alternatives first...

How Your Health Benefits from Fiber, and Suffers from Antibiotics

16 Dec 2015 | 270,704 Views

It significantly slashes your risk of early mortality, while also playing a role in appetite regulation and the release of satiety hormones. Quite frankly, it's one of the best things you can do to slash your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer...

Unexpected Dangers of Over-the-Counter Medicine

16 Dec 2015 | 27,434 Views

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are regarded as safer alternatives to prescription drugs, but they can carry many of the same, and even additional, risks. Get informed before popping another OTC pill.

Research Raises Questions over ADHD Drugs

10 Dec 2015 | 43,059 Views

A comprehensive review of medications commonly prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) highlights the need for increased caution regarding their use.

End of Antibiotics Grows Near As Drug-Resistant Gene with Epidemic Potential Is Found in Animals, Meats, and Humans

02 Dec 2015 | 173,837 Views

Scientists just made an alarming new discovery - and unless we take the only action feasible, soon, we are ALL vulnerable. In the midst of this comes a parallel discovery that people are blissfully unaware and confused on the issue. Do you still believe any of these 5 fallacies?

Placebo Effect Has Risen Among Americans, Making Drug Development More Difficult

22 Oct 2015 | 233,807 Views

It doesn't matter whether you get headaches, migraines, knee pain, or even depression - studies show this is the key to relieving it without exposing yourself to nasty drugs...

Hidden Science Reveals Major Tamiflu Scam

21 Oct 2015 | 50,061 Views

The anti-viral flu drug Tamiflu is stockpiled by governments around the globe and handed out like candy during flu season. But when researchers evaluated all the data, including 160,000 pages that were previously hidden, it revealed a very different picture of Tamiflu's apparent effectiveness and safety.


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