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Stop Eating CAFO Chicken -- Antibiotics Not Protected and Disease Rampant

12 May 2015 | 37,052 Views

Antibiotics commonly used in CAFO chicken may be spurring the spread of antibiotic-resistant disease and putting the world at risk of a “post-antibiotic era.”

The Limits of Tylenol for Pain Relief

16 Apr 2015 | 45,652 Views

Regularly popping a couple of Tylenol for back or osteoarthritis pain may do next to nothing to provide you relief... while raising your risk of serious health damage.

Researchers Keep Finding More Ways Our Flawed Agriculture Model Breeds Antibiotic Resistance

14 Apr 2015 | 375,469 Views

It's already taking the lives of over 23,000 Americans each year, yet unlike other deadly infections, this one may still be in humanity's control. What's being done to help contain it, and what you must do to help in the multi-prong approach that's needed to reverse it.

Four Routes of Exposure to Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: Medicine, Food, Water, and Air

07 Apr 2015 | 38,580 Views

Drug-resistant pathogens are spreading to the remotest parts of the earth, including to the Arctic. But since you don't live in the Arctic, here's one of your 4 routes of exposure... hot off the press from researchers at Texas Tech. And it's something you probably never considered.

Prescribing Vegetables, Not Pills

23 Mar 2015 | 49,771 Views

Families enjoy numerous health benefits, including weight management, when their doctors write out innovative prescriptions to eat more vegetables.

A Nation Running from Pain: What Can Be Done About It

19 Mar 2015 | 229,910 Views

They might be considered safe, but these drugs actually claim far more lives than heroin - and based on these statistics may be the first step towards heroin abuse. Please don't ignore this - you'll never forgive yourself if you or a member of your family becomes the next victim...

McDonald’s Is Making a Great Change to Its Chicken

17 Mar 2015 | 71,129 Views

If you eat chicken at McDonald's it may soon come with one less "ingredient," a move some are calling a game-changer for the food industry.

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg Stepping Down

18 Feb 2015 | 24,703 Views

Dr. Margaret Hamburg will resign as FDA commissioner in March, leaving a legacy of "weak and ineffective leadership" and cozy ties to industry.

NY Attorney General to Wipe Herbal Supplements from Shelves

18 Feb 2015 | 46,587 Views

Faulty and inadequate testing has resulted in seven popular herbal supplements being pulled from store shelves without due cause.

Antibiotic Resistance Will Kill 300 Million People by 2050

17 Feb 2015 | 247,124 Views

Our friends across the Big Pond are increasingly horrified at what may be coming their way and 22 countries recently took to the street to protest them. If you knew what you're most likely eating, you might protest, too. Here's your chance to send a loud and clear message.


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