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Always Question This Advice - Facts Which Will Make Your Blood Boil

Most people take their advice at face value - but here's the truth about how they are conned into believing the most cherished new falsehoods which make thousands of patients miserable - and why...

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Why 'Useless' Surgery Is Still Popular

27 Aug 2016 | 36,166 Views

Surgeons continue to perform procedures that clinical trials have demonstrated are no more beneficial than rehabilitation. You may be surprised to learn just why this might be happening and what it may take to stop the process.

Sanderson Farms Refuses to Reduce Use of Antibiotics

16 Aug 2016 | 246,458 Views

Want safe food? Avoid this company's wares like the plague. They call it '100% natural' - yet they're feeding their chickens antibiotics. Now they're running malicious ads poking fun at their clean competitors, wrongfully accusing the antibiotic-free movement of being a sham.

The Addiction Conspiracy: How Government and Big Pharma Created an Epidemic

28 Jul 2016 | 221,837 Views

This should send chills down your spine, especially if you or a loved one uses this drug. To date, more than 194,000 people have died from it, especially in one highly vulnerable group. If you know or love someone with this, you'd do well to help them find an alternative.

Most Common Anxiety and Depression Drugs for Adolescents Are Ineffective

21 Jul 2016 | 28,341 Views

New research into drugs often prescribed for youth to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression highlights their ineffectiveness and potential for harm. Once again such drugs have been shown to do little to help, while causing unacceptable and dangerous side effects.

Pharma and Feds Hide Opioid Report

14 Jul 2016 | 38,168 Views

US Senate staffers spent one year investigating financial ties between opioid drug makers and medical organizations setting guidelines on opioid use. The results may shed some light on why opioid overdoses have reached epidemic proportions in the US, if only they would be released.

Antibiotic Resistance — What Promotes It, and How Can We Beat It?

09 Jul 2016 | 221,519 Views

Not so long ago, half the world's population died from this, and it's the reality we face yet again unless we somehow manage to get this growing-in-the-background, and ready to pounce, problem under control.

Astounding Amounts: Opioid Epidemic Filling up Morgues

07 Jul 2016 | 27,500 Views

So many people are dying from overdosing on prescription opioid painkillers that many U.S. medical examiner and coroner offices are running out of space. Meanwhile, as increasing numbers of opioid addicts turn to heroin, heroin-related deaths have reached a 20-year high.

Worst Fears Coming True as Drug Resistance Gene Confirmed in the U.S.

14 Jun 2016 | 297,589 Views

Keep it in your medicine cabinet and use it any time you get even a small, insignificant cut, scrape, or other topical wound. Your life could depend on it. It can effectively combat drug-resistant staph, E. coli, salmonella and more. Is it in your medicine cabinet yet?

The 50-Year Cover-Up Killing Millions

31 May 2016 | 218,642 Views

Despite 80 percent of their chickens testing positive for the presence of foodborne pathogens salmonella or campylobacter, they're refusing to budge. Wait until you see what one of their founders said - his ignorance will truly shock you.

Did Prince Die From Painkiller Addiction?

19 May 2016 | 201,200 Views

Baffling to many, shortly before Prince's untimely death, an emergency consultation was requested with an out-of-town doctor. Why didn't Prince just meet with someone local? Did this specialist have something that could have saved Prince's life that no one else nearby had?


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