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Always Question This Advice - Facts Which Will Make Your Blood Boil

Most people take their advice at face value - but here's the truth about how they are conned into believing the most cherished new falsehoods which make thousands of patients miserable - and why...

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Pharmacies Miss Half of Dangerous Drug Combos

21 Feb 2017 | 27,270 Views

If you fill multiple prescriptions at your local pharmacy, and they turn out to be dangerous when taken together, there's a good chance your pharmacist won't alert you to the potentially life-threatening risk. An investigation revealed disturbing statistics that everyone taking prescription drugs should be aware of.

Is Histamine to Blame for Your Headache, Hives and Heartburn?

25 Jan 2017 | 58,526 Views

Hives, nasal congestion and headaches are often attributed to allergies, but a wide array of these and even more serious symptoms may indicate something else might be going on, especially when there’s no allergen to blame it on. Scientists say histamine intolerance, often caused by a compromised gut flora, can be the culprit. How do you know if what you’re suffering from is an allergy or histamine intolerance?

What? Ibuprofen Can Make You Deaf?

28 Dec 2016 | 39,908 Views

Even if it's on the pharmacy shelf for purchase without a prescription, it does not mean taking this over-the-counter medication is safe for you or your children. Recent research links it to yet another side effect with long-term consequences. I'll give you strategies to protect yourself and find relief.

Is Daily Aspirin Therapy a Wise Choice?

12 Dec 2016 | 120,225 Views

Considering it could trigger a heart attack by causing bleeding into your cholesterol plaque, you should think carefully before taking doctor's advice about this drug - especially since mounting evidence suggests it offers zero benefits if you fall into this category.

Prescription for Change — How to End America's Opioid Addiction

03 Dec 2016 | 265,776 Views

Shameful but true, doctors often dance around the truth. If you don't look out for yourself on this one, your doctor may lead you down a path you'll regret for life. And considering how often this kills within the first 2.5 years, it may be a shorter life than you intend. Buyer beware.

Opioid Addiction Now Surpasses Smoking

29 Nov 2016 | 175,896 Views

Doctors have been hoodwinked by an 11-line letter into handing this out like candy - and it's now killing more people than car crashes. Please don't be fooled into taking this, it actually triggers a nasty disease in your brain.

American Heart Association’s Calculator Overestimates Need for Statins

23 Nov 2016 | 27,147 Views

This wax-like substance is necessary to produce hormones, protect your neurological system and help prevent type 2 diabetes. However, an online calculator is recommending treatment when none may be necessary. Have you been impacted?

Can Medical Marijuana Fight the Opioid Epidemic?

22 Nov 2016 | 21,314 Views

A study is underway to determine which works better for chronic pain - medical marijuana or prescription opioids. In states where medical marijuana is legalized, rates of prescription drug use and opioid-overdose deaths have declined, hinting that marijuana may be a key player in fighting the opioid epidemic.

Placebos Are as Effective as Drugs for Migraines

16 Nov 2016 | 21,418 Views

Up to 10 percent of children are experiencing debilitating migraine headaches that impact their school work. Recent research has found simple home strategies that are as effective as drugs, but with no dangerous and adverse side effects. Use these strategies to prevent your and your child's migraines.

Facebook Finds 5.2 Billion Reasons to Push Drug Advertising

16 Nov 2016 | 23,061 Views

Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars on direct-to-consumer advertising designed to convince you to request their drug by name from your physician. Now, another advertising platform is competing for drug money.


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