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FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg Stepping Down

18 Feb 2015 | 22,374 Views

Dr. Margaret Hamburg will resign as FDA commissioner in March, leaving a legacy of "weak and ineffective leadership" and cozy ties to industry.

NY Attorney General to Wipe Herbal Supplements from Shelves

18 Feb 2015 | 42,595 Views

Faulty and inadequate testing has resulted in seven popular herbal supplements being pulled from store shelves without due cause.

Antibiotic Resistance Will Kill 300 Million People by 2050

17 Feb 2015 | 230,744 Views

Our friends across the Big Pond are increasingly horrified at what may be coming their way and 22 countries recently took to the street to protest them. If you knew what you're most likely eating, you might protest, too. Here's your chance to send a loud and clear message.

Prescription Painkillers Lack Evidence of Safety and Effectiveness for Long-Term Use

05 Feb 2015 | 183,274 Views

Ranks #1 for deaths from drug overdoses... 46 deaths each and every day in the U.S. It quickly escalates to hardcore illegal drugs. And despite the number of people who use them for years on end, there's a striking lack of evidence showing long-term safety. Why risk it?

Three Sources of Antibiotics That Threaten Human Health

04 Feb 2015 | 289,025 Views

40,000 Americans die each year from sepsis that occurs when drug-resistant UT infections spread to the kidneys and the bacteria enter the bloodstream. Now scientists have found a match between that deadly bacteria and the bacteria found in 50% of this popular food.

A Compelling Film About the Causes of Antibiotic Resistance, and How to Fix It

03 Jan 2015 | 253,111 Views

Most people would be shocked to find out that this everyday food, popular with adults and kids alike, is allowed to contain 80 different antibiotics. Every time you consume it, you're getting a part of the 24.6 million pounds of antibiotics that are used every year in the US.

Are Children Medicated for Convenience, or Necessity?

20 Dec 2014 | 202,470 Views

Sales of this drug to children have increased eight-fold since 1993, despite its side effects including heart attacks, seizures, and blurred vision. And yet, in one study fish oil was found to be more effective than two of the most popular brands.

Farm Antibiotics Spur Antibiotic-Resistant Disease in Humans

09 Dec 2014 | 33,278 Views

Experts have been warning about it, hospitals are struggling with it. Even the CDC director is urging this solution. Yet the FDA turns a cold shoulder. You now have a 50% likelihood of life-threatening microbes infecting you from this single source. How to protect yourself today...

Do You Have Trouble Swallowing Vitamins?

29 Nov 2014 | 56,295 Views

Nearly half of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills; these two techniques worked for up to 90 percent of those who tried them.

Bitter Pill: The Dangerous Side Effects of Fluoridated Antibiotics

01 Nov 2014 | 347,003 Views

This most commonly prescribed class of antibiotics are among the most dangerous drugs on the market, but you've probably never been warned. No other antibiotic carries as high a potential to cause serious, permanent injuries and even death, so now's the time to get informed.


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